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Disconnects between policy mandates/supports and desired practice were found in most of the schools and all of the systems in our sample. For example, teachers were often being asked to innovate while being incented and judged solely by measures of the facts that students had acquired through traditional means, or given ICT to use without related curricular materials and models for ways to use it powerfully and effectively in subject matter learning. It was rare that teachers experienced standards, curriculum, professional development, assessments, and incentives that all aligned to support the development of students’ 21st century skills.

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Teacher’s Visual Library of 40+ iPad Apps ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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“I love it when I come across such educators curated lists of apps because I know since these apps are reviewed by fellow teachers then there is a high possibility that they will work for other teachers in different settings too.

For instance, the wonderful work embedded below and which has been created by the folks in St.Plunkett Oliver Primary School http://www.stoliverplunkett.qld.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx ; is a great library of apps that every teacher should have the chance to explore. It contains a set of useful apps pertaining to different categories. Most, if not all of these apps, have been already reviewed here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning before but it is much more practical to see them  compiled and organized all in one page.”

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