Benefits of Online, Face-to-Face Professional Development Similar, Study Finds

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Researchers found similar effects on student learning and teacher behavior regardless of whether teachers took part in online or face-to-face professional development.


Fishman said that administrators and policymakers should see the findings as further evidence that online teacher professional development, while no silver bullet, can be a viable alternative to the traditional model.


“There’s some hesitation on the part of teachers who think that online [professional development] is somehow less valuable to them because of a lack of personal connection,” Fishman said.


“I think this study may make them a little more optimistic.”

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Beyond the Classroom: A New Digital Education for Young Australians in the 21 st Century

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The new digital education environment will look and function very differently. In addition to classroom teaching, staff will develop new ways of teaching that embrace digital education, and ‘bring your own device’ learning models will be integrated into the learning environment. Strong leadership in schools will be needed to support this new environment, to increase teacher capacity and to support the uptake of digital education in schools.

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A must read for Aussie Educators!

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