Ok all those students out there. Have you every been asked by a teacher or lecturer to add a bibliography to your work? I have assigned this to students, as well as had to produce a bibliography for assignments during the completion of my degrees. If only I had this tool then! I could have saved my self a huge amount of time. Zotero is a great little tool that is an add on to Firefox. This tool will save PDFs and articles you find online and it will create a bibliography reference for you. The citing tool allows you to choose the type of referencing and then creates the entry automatically. It is advised to double check with your university or class guidelines to make sure it is referenced correctly. Zotero also allows you to collaborate with others.

100 Word Challenge

Browsing the net today in search of some literacy ideas I stumbled across this interesting site http://100wc.net/

From browsing this site I’ve decided this might be a fantastic way to get my class writing something different and for a purpose. The 100 Word Challenge basically gives you a week to come up with some creative writing based on a picture, text or other stimulus. There is also a 5 Sentence Challenge run along similar lines. I’ll keep you posted with how we are going… What do you think about the site?

Diigo and Evernote

Over the last few weeks I’ve been increasing my use of Diigo and Evernote. Though I signed up for both these tools about 18 months ago I’ve never really used them to their full potential. Why??? Time. There are always so many new tools appearing it takes so much time to play and begin to love them!  Time is a big issue in the busy lives of many and as a teacher I always find it difficult to squeeze everything in that I want to.

Diigo – is a tool suitable for use by anyone. The basic idea of Diigo is similar to Delicious. Bookmark and share. Diigo offers many other benefits. You can read, highlight, share and file the page or document as you read. Diigo is an add on to your browser tool bar.

Evernote – is a similar tool but with so much more. It allows you to do all the same things as Diigo, as well as allows you to add notes and tags to help you organise your bookmarks. It allows you to create and organise just like Diigo but has editing and note taking ability like OneNote. I’ve been using this one the most and I can see the huge benefits for my postgraduate studies when I start them again. Evernote is a download which creates a file where you can organise and edit your bookmarks. I also have this as an android app for my phone so if I come across anything while on mobile I can add it as a note and go back later and look at it