E Pedagogy

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This paper addresses the question: does e-learning require a new approach to teaching and learning?

Ness Crouch‘s insight:

eLearning and the pedagogies associated with it are similar to those in a 21st Century classroom, as a 21stC classroom using eLearning as a part of the structure. this document is insight and also very good at linking and explaining the pedagogies of the 21st Century.

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5 Reasons Pinterest’s Search Engine Is Better Than Google’s

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Pinterest is a lifestyle searching tool for millions of people.


People go on there with excited eyes to look for amazing recipes to cook for dinner that weekend, find ways to dress to the tens for a special date, or find creative educational materials to teach children with.


Millions of users turn to Pinterest to enhance their lifestyle. And they are doing so by using the search function on Pinterest. Here’s a fun fact.


Did you know that Google has a search engine just for recipes? It’s been around for years, but almost nobody I know uses it.


Instead, most people I know automatically go to Pinterest if they want to find recipes to try out.


That’s not the only reason Pinterest is better than Google.


Here are 5 reasons why Pinterest’s search engine is better than Google.


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Ness Crouch‘s insight:

As a fan of Pinterest I love that this. I find Pinterest a very good search tool for ideas, as well as a fantastic bookmarking tool.

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