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Most of us went into teaching understanding that school was pretty much the only education game in town, the place where kids came to get information, where, at the end of the day, we were responsible for disseminating the knowledge, we assessed whether our students got it, and we stamped it “an education.” For that vast majority of kids (and for us, too) who attended a brick-and-mortar school, that’s been the unbending, monolithic vision of schooling for 150 years.

Ness Crouch‘s insight:

Will Richardson’s article is insightful and tick many boxes for teachers. I started teaching 13 years ago and have been astounded at the pace of change in the technological side of education. Maintaining an understanding of technology and the tools related with it is a constant learning experience, and that’s just keeping up with the learners in my classroom. To get ahead of them is the challenge. There are so many ways of learning now, the traditional book, library, expert and the technological, social media, video conference, e-books and more. How do we show our students how to use these new learning tools in an efficient and safe way? 


Policy makers must keep up with these changes. Technology policies should be reviewed at least annually to ensure they have not fallen behind the multimodal learning race. We need to ensure that we put learners first. When they leave our schools they MUST be able to use technology to be effective in the workforce. Teachers MUST help them learn what they need therefore we MUST learn about new technologies. 

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