A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers

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A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers.


Here some of the pluses of digital storytelling in education :

– It develops creativity and critical thinking Students who are shy or afraid to talk in class get a chance to speak out their minds 


– It empowers students voice to deliver rich, deep message that is capable of conveying a powerful message. 


– It helps students explore  the meaning of their own experience, give value to it, and communicate that experience with others.


– It promotes the notions of life long learning and independent learning 


– It develops students communicative skills It is a reflective process that helps students reflect upon their learning and find deep connections with the subject matter of a course or with an out-of-class experience. 


– It fosters students sense of individuality It also gives students an opportunity to experiment with self-representation and establish their identityStudents creating digital stories develop proficiency with multimedia applications



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Do I need to add more?

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Providing Feedback | Researched-Based Strategies | Focus on Effectiveness

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Providing the right kind of feedback to students can make a significant difference in their achievement. There are two key considerations. First, feedback that improves learning is responsive to specific aspects of student work, such as test or homework answers, and provides specific and related suggestions. There needs to be a strong link between the teacher comment and the student’s answer, and it must be instructive. This kind of feedback extends the opportunity to teach by alleviating misunderstanding and reinforcing learning. Second, the feedback must be timely. If students receive feedback no more than a day after a test or homework assignment has been turned in, it will increase the window of opportunity for learning. Feedback is a research-based strategy that teachers, and students, can practice to improve their success.

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We are always talking about the importance of feedback. There are some great tips!

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