My Presentation for the OZeLive Conference

After a very long weekend on moderating sessions it was finally my turn to present. I had a small audience but they were fantastic! Thank you to them all for coming and participating. My session centred around web tools that can be used to support inquiry learning.
The interactivity of the session I was pleased with. I got participants to add to an poll which I turned into a word cloud to add their ideas for different tools.
I was really pleased with my session. I was worried it would go too long but I managed to keep on time. I was really pleased with how my session went and next year I won’t be so nervous!!

I’m Presenting at OZeLive

iampresenting150x150.fw┬áIt’s official I’m presenting. As a volunteer I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge with others around Australian and around the world. The OZeLive Conference will take place form 22-23 February 2014 and it is looking like a fantastic event with a variety of different presenters and topics.

My session is called Web tools for Supporting Inquiry learning. In this one hour session I intend to share a variety of different tools which allow teachers to easily ┬áintegrate technology into the classroom learning environment without too many issues. I’ve tried to choose tools which are simple to use and help make life easier for teachers who are guiding or supporting student inquiry in the classroom.

There are a variety of tools being presented, like Google Apps, Symbaloo, Thinglink, Pinterest, Story Bird, MindMup and more. See you there!

OzeLive Edtech Down Under Conference

I’m really excited to be a part of this wonderful opportunity for Australian Educators. We are currently in the midst of preparing this conference and it has been a real experience. A social media campaign, ning platforms and meetings to organise and contact presenters. I’m squeezing this in between organising for the new school year and starting studies for 2014. Yes I’m crazy but I’m excited! I’m going to put together a presentation of my own look at webtools for Inquiry.


3 Statements That Describe Rigorous Assessment

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“As we’ve discussed 7 myths about rigor, and the characteristics of rigor in curriculum, the final component is rigorous assessment. There are (at least) three aspects of rigorous assessments.”

Ness Crouch‘s insight:

Rigourous curriculum and assessment is important. These three points are ones that we are continuously focus on. A good read,

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