43 Apps, Games, and Websites Transforming This Year’s Classrooms

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In the middle of October, we invited educators to tell us about the “apps, games, and websites that are helping to tranform their classrooms this year.” We asked that you submit your responses in the form of Field Notes and we received more than…

Ness Crouch‘s insight:

I’m currently looking for new apps for our school iPads. This article has been very helpful!

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Great e-Learning Tip: 6 to 7 minutes of instructional video – that’s the sweet spot!

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“I have sat through many 50 minute lectures in my life.  Notice how I wrote that sentence “sat through”… was I always engaged?  Probably not.  Is it realistic to be engaged for a full 50 minute block?  Probably not.  So how does one go about maximizing engagement in a distance course with video.  Well, is the best strategy to record a 50 minute lecture video?  Probably not.”

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