mmixr | The Ultimate “All in One” Presentation Tool

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mmixr is the ultimate all in one presentation tool to help organizations, universities and students to create, manage, share and distribute engaging, animated and interactive presentations.

mmixr’s extensive features enables companies and users to organise all their presentations and media assets such as PowerPoint, images, Flash or videos in one application and play them seamlessly through different devices including mobile phones and tablets.

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Ness Crouch‘s insight:

Looks like a fantastic tool. I know a few people that would prefer this to google docs. I’m going to join up and see if I can get some other people using this! I wonder if it will work at school for the students? 

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4 Important Questions That Precede The Design Of A Modern Education –

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What Does A Modern Education Look Like? by Marie Bjerede first appeared on Well into the 21st century, we are still trying to get a handle…

Ness Crouch‘s insight:

This post is evidence of why I think is a very useful blog. The ideas here consolidate current educational thinking and highlight the importance of the 21st Century Learner as a dynamic and technologically savvy learner. 

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