Creative Commons… copyright free images, videos and audio

Creative Commons is an international non-profit organisation which allows users to use images, text, video and audio to legally in personal work (but remember you must attrubite the use to the person who developed it). This site is easy to use and has only six things you need to remember… their licenses are clearly layed out and easy to understand.You must remember this is an international website so you need to know something about your country’s laws before using the images.

This is an important tool for teaching students about copyright law and the use of images legally.

There is a Creative Commons Australia page which is specifically for Australian users and follows Australian law.

When you are attributing work from Creative Commons you need to attribute the person or creator, the title of the work, the URL and the Creative Commons license it is issued under.

For Further information see the Creative Commons Session by Simon Pankhurst from the Australia E-Series

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