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Using animation in primary schools


Using animation can be a motivation and interesting way to engage students in their learning. Here are some places where you might find some helpful hints and ideas. TeachAnimation

Solar system, Day, night and the Seasons


Here are a bunch of links for the Solar System, Day, Night and the Seasons… check before you use them! The Seasons and Earth’s Orbit (text only) The Seasons (Flash Animation) the Seasons (again) Woodlands School (Solar system – games, quizes and links SUPER!) the Four Seasons (a simpler explanation) How children Observe the Universe. […]

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Education for Sustainability/ Environmental Education Website


This is a fantastic site for Australian teachers (and any teacher interested in Environmental issues). This site contains a huge amount of information for all ages about current environmental issues, events and ideas for integration into the classroom. Take a look! http://www.ourcoolschool.org

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