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Cool Tools for Featuring Student Book Reviews


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There’s nothing like a book recommendation from a friend. Encourage students to share their opinions by creating a student-driven book review site. Richard Byrne shows you how in the accompanying screencasts.

Ness Crouch‘s insight:

This looks like an interesting site. I’m going to investigate the possibilities for safe use in a primary classroom.

See on www.thedigitalshift.com

Welcome to Storyboard That – The FREE online storyboard creator for schools and businesses.


Welcome to Storyboard That – The FREE online storyboard creator for schools and businesses..

I just found this really interesting looking tool. I think I can incorporate this into various learning activities. Might be a great group work task. Try it out and let me know what you think about this. I’m thinking it might be worth it.

MindMup mind mapping tool


I’ve started experimenting with this mind mapping tool which is now available through Google as an app. This is a very simple tool which can be easily used and manipulated to gather your ideas with students. Once you get the language of the tools you can follow keyboard shortcuts to add new nodes to your maps.

You can also use MindMup from the URL http://www.minmup.com I’ve connected mine to my google account so that I can then save directly to my Google Drive, otherwise it’s saved to the cloud and you need to keep track of your URL location.

Once you have finished creating your mind map you can then export to various formats (including as an image or table).

What I like most about this tool is the simplicity. I will be teaching my students how to use this tool and incorporating it into some pre assessment and post assessment work.



Myths and Legends and the Olympics!


In Term 3 my Stage is investigating Myths and Legends of the ancient world. In my trolling of the internet I cam across this great site


From the UK it has a number of different myths from around the world which are told with animations but can also be read in text for. Some of the stories have background information and activities. Well worth a look.

Another one to check out is


This site is devoted to Greek Myths and the history of them. A very valuable source of information including ancient Greek history, stories, the Olympics and Greek Gods.


100 Word Challenge


Browsing the net today in search of some literacy ideas I stumbled across this interesting site http://100wc.net/

From browsing this site I’ve decided this might be a fantastic way to get my class writing something different and for a purpose. The 100 Word Challenge basically gives you a week to come up with some creative writing based on a picture, text or other stimulus. There is also a 5 Sentence Challenge run along similar lines. I’ll keep you posted with how we are going… What do you think about the site?

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